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Stone Fruit Harvest (November-April)

This is the time of the year in which the fruit begins to grow in size, change colour, develop its sweetness and becomes ripe for harvest.

Our staff will monitor each variety and attend to each tree 2-3 times throughout the harvest to ensure each piece of fruit is picked at the correct maturity level. After this phase, the fruit is then transported into to cool storage for packaging and final sale.


Pluots are an interesting hybrid fruit that is genetically 75% Plum and 25% Apricot. 

With a taste similar to a Plum but slightly sweeter. 

Available from late-December to late-March



White & Yellow flesh varieties available from mid- December to early-March 


Available mid-December to late-February

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Traditional yellow flesh and new generation blood plums available from mid-December to early-March. 

These include the Queen Garnet from Nutrafruit , a plum that has been labelled as a "super-fruit" containing 3-6 times more antioxidants than Blueberries. 



White & Yellow flesh varieties available from Mid-December to Early March

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