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15th September 2017


Today Tonight Perth were back in the hills to check out what the area has to offer during Spring.

The orchard changes dramatically throughout the seasons and the Spring blossom is one of the most spectacular.  You can check out some of the amazing photography on Instagram. 

Once again, we have been enjoying the opportunity to share the property with each and every one of our visitors. 

Spring blossom is highly dependent on weather conditions so get in quick to visit. 

Bring a picnic blanket, grab a coffee and something to eat and spend the day with your family and friends enjoying the surroundings.  



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9th June 2017

So, what started the hype? 


A week ago, the wonderful team from Today Tonight Perth paid our little orchard a visit to film a story on the sudden attention that Raeburn Orchards had received on Instagram. 

Our new hashtag #raeburnorchards was going a little crazy with some stunning photos being posted by our visitors. 


Well... we expected to see an increase in visitors and began to prepare for the long weekend traffic. Let's just say we may have underestimated the response to the story! We could never have expected the number of visitors that we were able to welcome onto our property from all over Perth. 


The turnout was amazing, to say the least. We may have been slightly under prepared but we wish to thank all of the visitors that were courteous and patient as they waited to park and spend the day walking the rows of Persimmon trees and taking in our little piece of paradise that we call home. 


Growing up on the orchard we have always taken its beauty for granted as it's as much a place of work as it is a beautiful piece of scenery.  We're so glad that so many Perth visitors and residents were able to come and appreciate it. 

13th June 2017



Another first for Raeburn Orchards. 

The wonderful team from the Secret Suppers Perth planned an agriturismo long table dinner for a select few to enjoy. 


The photos below give you an idea of what an amazing experience they are able to create and the time and effort that their team put in searching for those special settings around Perth.


Tablescapers did an unbelievable job on the table layout to create what was, overall, a perfect night in a beautiful setting. 


We hope to see them back again soon. 


If you're interested in planning a function or event at Raeburn Orchards please contact us by clicking here

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