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Blossom and Growth (September-October)
The trees now begin to wake up meaning that all of the little buds on the trees will begin to swell, the flowers will then appear, followed by the leaves and the beginning of the small pieces of fruit. Throughout this time our staff are tasked to “thinning”. This ensures that only 2 to 3 pieces of fruit remain on a branch. As a reference, there is typically anywhere from 7-15 pieces per branch in which the tree cannot provide enough nutrients for, nor will they ever grow to an acceptable size.

During this period, it is also extremely important that the weather is warm to ensure enough bees are active to enable pollination.


Avocados originated in Central & South America and have been consumed since as early as 291 BCE. 

The health benefits of Avocados seem to have no end. ​

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Varieties include: 




Burre Bosc

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Varieties include: 


Pink Lady 

Granny Smith 




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